(Video Highlights)

B-roll Newsfeed Packages (B-Roll)
Video highlights, or b-roll newsfeed packages, provide newsrooms and reporters with the necessary compelling video elements to produce their own story on your media event or product or company announcement. The CMP Media Café team has the experience and expertise to get your story in front of the television media.

Successful video public relations production requires a unique blend of broadcast news experience, technological knowledge and marketing sensibility. You need the right video images for the right audience via the right medium and produced by the right media professionals who know what newsrooms need.

CMP Media Café's production team is uniquely qualified to ensure that your b-roll newsfeed package has newsworthy video images that stand out and capture the attention of your intended audience - TV news room decision makers, online outlets, and their audience - whether your videio will be viewed on TV screens, laptops, or smartphones. We will also guide you and evaluate your public relations objectives to help determine if a b-roll package is the best tool for your campaign or if a satellite media tour may be more effective to reach your target audience with your message.

From video content concept to results across broadcast television and digital delivery online, the CMP Media Cafe team has network television experience including on-site production capabilities in the U.S.A. & around the world.

From Los Angeles to London, from Tampa to Tel Aviv, from conceptualization to final edit master, we creatively produce your b-roll newsfeed package at any location in the United States and around the world. Our news team is uniquely qualified to ensure that your story and video captures the attention of the TV newsroom decision-makers, public service directors and viewers. We craft video news stories to meet your objectives and effectively deliver your corporate message to newsrooms. Consider CMP Media Café your very own in-house video department.

Once your video news release is produced, we'll help you determine the most effective digital delivery and/or Satellite Distribution Package for your project.

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