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Let’s face it, some corporate videos could put Ambien out of business. Others have so many graphics flying in and out and you are assaulted with so many visual images that when it’s finished, you wonder what you just viewed. CMP Media Café specializes in a popular news magazine style that creates corporate programming in the format that viewers are used to watching during prime time television.

Corporate videos produced in a news magazine styles presen information for training, sales, marketing, trade shows, product information, investor relations, annual reports and human resources in a way that will keep the viewer glued to the tube. This video style also better facilitates the viewers’ ability to not only grasp important concepts and details, but remember them as well.

From conceptualization to the final edit master, our team of corporate producers meticulously captures your corporate message and crafts a video program that meets your objectives and effectively deliver your corporate message.

From Employee Recruitment to Product Information, CMP Media Café raises the standards of corporate video production. Large corporations to small companies rely on our high-end production to promote and market their company’s image, product or initiative to internal or external audiences around the world. From our popular and effective prime-time newsmagazine style to fast-cut editing, we work with you to creatively produce your message in a variety of corporate video styles that work for you.

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