Digital Press Kit (DPK)

A Digital Press Kit (DPK) (also known as an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)) is a longer format video news release for the entertainment industries including television, motion picture and music. Movie and entertainment news produced behind-the-scenes for star-struck viewers around the country and around the world.

Contents of an electronic press kit depend on the industry and target audience but generally include movie or music video clips, interviews with actors and key creative personnel, and behind the scenes production footage.

DPKs can also be used as an evergreen partner to the Video News Release except the information can be used for months as opposed to days.

Successful video public relations production requires a unique blend of broadcast news experience, technological knowledge and marketing sensibility. You need the right video images for the right audience via the right medium and produced by the right media professionals who know what newsrooms need.

CMP Media Cafe has producers uniquely qualified to ensure that your b-roll newsfeed package video images capture the attention of your intended audience - TV news decision makers and viewers - whether its to viewed on TV screens, internet monitors or PDAs.

A Digital Press Kit for a product, organization or event takes on new life as a full video presentation produced by our team of broadcast experts. With emerging internet technologies, EPKs have a new life as they are re-edited for online viewing and internet distribution

Once EPKs are produced, they can be provided for news media online or through digital media delivery systems and/or satellite distribution.

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