Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer
Marianne Schwab is a former network television producer and she brings high quality national experience to every project she produces. She has an extensive background in broadcast and corporate television that spans over twenty-eight years. Marianne has produced in 25 countries on four continents and field produced and directed video shoots and live television satellite media tour broadcasts in over twenty states in the U.S. -- from the beaches of Hawaii to the sandy shores of Florida and lots of less exciting points in between.

Based in Los Angeles, Marianne has worked with Fortune 500 corporate clients and top public relations agencies for the past twenty-one years. Prior to founding CMP Media Cafe, she worked with the pioneers in broadcast video public relations launching the West Coast production unit for Medialink in 1996. While there, she also wrote and produced over 125 video news releases, b-roll newsfeed packages, electronic press kits, satellite media tours, public service announcements and corporate videos.

At CMP Media Cafe, Marianne also provides comprehensive media training for satellite media tours and broadcast interview appearances. She has recently launched Master Your Media Message Boot Camp, a three-day immersive media training experience designed to guide participants to develop the perfect pitch for producers that becomes their signature segment for TV & Radio. She then works closely with them to prepare their message for on-air interviews with the final interview taking place in the studio and in front of the camera on Cafe America. This solves the Catch-22 dilemma for many professionals starting out with no media experience promoting a book, product, or service that need "an interview to get an interview" since television producers want to see "tape" before they book a guest.

Marianne also loves to travel and she was the Senior Segment Producer for Robin Leach's Runaway with the Rich & Famous during it's eighth season where it was her job to design and create five-star luxury vacations for celebrities (and send a video crew along to capture the magic). She launched a travel website / blog in 2010 where she shares insider travel tips she's collected as a TV travel show producer and road warrior at BestTravelDealsTips.com that currently generates between 40,000 to 50,000 page views monthly. As a social media specialist, her Twitter account, @TravelProducer, has 13,800+ followers, her Instagram account, @Marianne_Schwab_LA, has 7,300+ followers, and her current Klout Score is 50 -- not a social media superstar, but quite respectable.

Broadcast Producer Credits of Interest:
Live with Regis and Kathie Lee hosted by Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford
The George and Alana Show hosted by George Hamilton and Alana Stewart
• E! Entertainment Television ON E! Specials
• E! Entertainment Television O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial anchored by Kathleen Sullivan
ABC-TV's Home Show with Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous hosted by Robin Leach
Runaway with the Rich & Famous hosted by Robin Leach

Some Broadcast Career War Stories and Tid Bits:

• Interviewed NBA Star, Kobe Bryant, for Adidas just before he signed with the
L.A. Lakers right out of high school and launched his iconic career.
Traveled to Finland’s Arctic Circle to produce a Search for Santa feature with Travel Editor
Peter Greenberg at ABC’s Home Show.
• Interviewed legendary actor, Christopher Plummer, on the red carpet at the Spirit Awards
the night before he won his first Oscar at the age of 82.

• Arranged one of only two interviews given by Rosey Grier during the O.J. Simpson trial,
and soon after his controversial jailhouse meeting with Simpson, for E!’s one-hour special
OJ: Two Sides of.the Story, with anchor/reporter Kathleen Sullivan.
• Responsible for the first national television appearance of worldwide music sensation Yanni
on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. [Note: Yanni now has a net worth of $40 million.]
• Featured Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta for Runaway with the Rich and Famous.

Marianne is available for speaking engagements and workshops to educate public relations professionals on media topics including “Mastering the Art of Angle,” “The Perfect Pitch for Producers,” “Taking the Media by Storm,” and more. Contact CMP Media Café for details.

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