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Media Topics Workshops:

“Mastering the Art of the Story Telling for Newsrooms”
“Taking the Media by Storm”
“Ethics in Media”
…and more…

“Mastering the Art of the Story Telling for Newsrooms”
Media Skill-Building Workshop

Does the story you’re pitching say, “Details at 11?”
Then how is it going to get on-the-air or in-the-news?

Invest in your public relations team by scheduling an on-site professional media skill-building workshop.

Companies and P.R. agencies know that the most effective way to reach new audiences and new markets is through television news and broadcast public relations. So what is the best way to understand the constantly changing world of broadcast? Get the bottom line from the experts on the front lines with newsrooms. That’s why CMP Media Café offers a one-on-one broadcast public relations workshop, “Mastering the Art of the Angle,” designed to motivate your P.R. team and give them the inside scoop on how to master the media. Provided at no cost to your company*, you can chose between one-hour or two-hour workshops that teach how to spin your client’s story effectively to get the attention of reporters and TV newsrooms plus how to effectively use the variety of broadcast PR tools available. The workshop also covers the following hot topics:

• Five tips for mastering “the art of the angle”…
• What you need to know about the changing newsroom environment...
• The three biggest mistakes public relations professionals make that kill results…
• What you need to know about producing SMT's and VNR's like newsroom producers…
• How to think like a news producer when it comes to a story…
• The secrets to producing killer SMT’s and VNR’s…

• How to avoid costly mistakes and much more…

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CMP Media Café teams with corporate clients to get their news on-the-air by providing comprehensive multimedia communication solutions and services for corporations and other organizations seeking to communicate news to their audiences through television and radio newscasts. After a decade of producing network, syndicated and cable programs, Executive Producer Marianne Schwab turned her broadcast experience toward serving corporate America when she launched the L.A. production unit for Medialink in 1996. CMP Media Cafe was founded in 1998 (as Corporate Media Productions) and provides strategic corporate communications consulting; VNR, B-Roll, SMT, and RMT production; satellite distribution of video and audio news; monitoring results of satellite distribution; and media training.


(One-Hour and Two-Hour Workshops Available: Perfect for Lunch Hour “Lunch and Learn”)

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