CMP Media Café works with you to determine the most effective and cost efficient distribution package for your project and provide a complete consultation based on your needs for satellite distribution of a B-roll Package or (if recommended) a Video News Release (VNR). Your pre-produced broadcast media assets are distributed to television newsrooms across the nation providing them with ready to use programming and source material if they find your story newsworthy.

Our services include creating a media alert to get your story noticed and to cut through the clutter of competing stories in the news cycle. We notify newsroom decision makers in over 800 news stations across the country via email and newswire with your approved media alert. We also pitch our contacts at the top markets directly to give your broadcast project leverage with newsroom assignment desks and producers. Finally, we provide ongoing consultation to ensure your project stays on course to meet objectives.

CMP Media Cafe handles all the details regarding booking and coordinating satellite time, video feeds, encoding for tracking consumer impressions, plus provide overnight hard copies to stations that request it and as the client approves. And since it's all about results, we provide detailed interim and final reports that include viewer numbers, station call letters and affiliation, DMA ranking, date, and time of air.

Our success depends on teaming you with the best satellite distribution package for your media news story. We get you on-the-air and in-the-news.


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